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Set an email address in Git. You can use any email address. $ git config --global "" Confirm that you have set the email address correctly in Git: $ git config --global; Add the email address to your GitHub Enterprise account by setting your commit email address, so that your commits are Git - how to show username and email? - Dirask Git configuration works the same under Windows, Linux and macOS. 2. Git - show global username and email configuration. Open command line (eg git bash) Show username and email # show username git config # show email git config; 3. Git - show username and email … A Simple Way to Find GitHub User Emails - WizardSourcer

The system Git config file is found in the mingw32\etc folder of the Git installation. The global Git configuration file is found in the root of the user’s local profile or home directory (C:\Users\git-user\). The local Git config file is stored inside the .git directory of the repository in which you are working.

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Initialize a local directory for Git version control. If you have an existing local directory that you want … Install and set up Git - Atlassian Documentation