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Oct 02, 2017 · In Settings, click on Network & Internet. In the left-hand pane, click on Proxy at the very bottom. Here you have all the settings that are related to setting up a proxy in Windows. It’s basically split into two configurations: either Automatic or Manual proxy setup. In the Run text box, copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) or type the following: reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings /v ProxyServer /f; Click OK. More information. For more information about how to protect your computer from viruses or other malicious software, see How to prevent and remove viruses and other malware. The WinHTTP configuration setting is independent of the Windows Internet (WinINet) Internet browsing proxy settings and can only discover a proxy server by using the following discovery methods: Auto-discovery methods: Transparent proxy. Web Proxy Auto-discovery Protocol (WPAD) In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. 2. Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN settings. 3. Select the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box. 4. In the Address box, type the address of the proxy server. 5. In the Port box, type the port number. 6. Adding an Exception in Internet Explorer. Go to Tools >> Internet Options; Click on the Connections tab; Click on LAN settings in the Local Area Network (LAN) settings section; Click on the Advanced button in the Proxy Server section; Add your exceptions in the Exceptions section, separated by semi-colon. We recommend adding:

Re: Internet Explorer 8 - automatic proxy settings BienekS Jul 23, 2009 1:44 PM ( in response to tanmic ) Tried a simple step, installing IE8 natively and simply creating a nearly empty ThinApp package just containing a shortcut to the native IE8 exe, registry and filesystem WriteCopy, so it is able to read the proxy settings.

Aug 28, 2013 · If you want to reset Internet Explorer® 10 proxy settings on a Windows® 8 based PC, watch this video. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: I had configured and used the proxy through my internet browser 11 settings and now it isn’t responding in Windows 8.1. When I open Internet Options, go to Connection tab > LAN settings, and uncheck the Proxy Server box to default, but it will not stay there and automatically reset back to manual.

Nov 12, 2019 · Open the internet explorer browser. On Menu Bar click on Tools and then click on Internet Options. After the above step, you will get the below window in front of yours. Here go to Connections Tab then click on the LAN Settings button.

If you're configuring proxy settings on a user's computer after the deployment, follow these steps: In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu, and then select Internet Options. On the Connections tab, select LAN Settings. In the Local Area Network Settings dialog box, select the Use a proxy server for your LAN settings check box. I have a funny problem with Internet Explorer 8 where I set up a proxy server under Tools - Internet Options - Connections - LAN Settings - Proxy Server and IE basically ignores it. For example, if I set up the proxy server to use (Random IP here) and then go to a website such as, it still shows my ip instead