How to Edit or Remove EXIF Data From Photos

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How to Remove Metadata or EXIF Data from Photos

LPT: Remove EXIF Data [Geotagging] from images before

To Remove Metadata from Selected Images: Click Tools | Metadata | Remove If you do not want to remove EXIF and IPTC or the Embedded ACDSee Metadata, deselect accordingly. Click OK. Metadata is permanently removed. Note: EXIF data specific to DNG files will be preserved. See Also: Copying and Moving Files; Removing IPTC Keywords From Auto

Aug 20, 2019 · Remove Photo EXIF Data (Windows) Windows users have it easy as they have both a built-in and a third-party method to remove photo EXIF data. Both options are easy to use and the following shows how to access and use them. Using The Built-In Option. The built-in option is located in Windows File Explorer on your PC and it lets you view as well 2. Remove EXIF Data Using GIMP. GIMP is a free and open-source software that can easily strip EXIF data from an image. It may even be easier than the Windows 10 method above! Nov 30, 2019 · Remove the following properties from this file– It lets you select which Exif data you want to remove (like flash maker, lens model, contrast, EXIF version, comments, authors, rating, and more). Select an option. 5). Press OK button. This is it! Exif data will be removed from those photos silently. You can also see photo EXIF data, Safe Share by removing geotag and personal information, change the date and time of a photo, add or change geolocation data of a photo, edit multiple metadata at